1 August 2021
Hitman 3 Dubai part is free for 1 week

Hitman 3 Dubai part is free for 1 week

IO Interactive developed by Hitman 3 for Free Starter Pack published. You can play the Dubai part of Hitman 3 with the starter package. If you have previous games of the series, you can also experience the missions in those games.

Hitman 3 Dubai part is free for 1 week

Hitman 3 issued for Free Starter PackYou can play the tutorial mission of the first game, the first mission of the second game and the Dubai mission of Hitman 3 for a week using. To the starter pack Epic Games StoreYou can reach from. Users with the first two games of the series Hitman 3 will be able to access those tasks within. Thus, they will be able to experience the old games of the series with new graphics and animations in Hitman 3.

Just Hitman 3with the Free Starter Pack if you own the Hawke’s Bay You will be able to access the task. According to one claim, IO Interactive plans to change the content in the Free Starter Package over time. In this way, new tasks and locations can be included in the package.

You can access the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack on the Epic Games Store.

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