18 April 2021
Hollywood touch to Fortnite's season 6 trailer

Hollywood touch to Fortnite’s season 6 trailer

With Marvel movies Russo Siblings, Fortnite Episode 2 Season 6: PrimalHe directed the trailer for. For the latest episode of the popular battle royale game Epic Games Working with the duo made a cinematic opening that will be talked about very much.

Anthony ve Joseph Russo lately Apple TV+ he suffers for Cherry is on the agenda with the movie. While the production starring Tom Holland attracted great attention in cinephile circles; The director brothers have now come up with an interesting study. They suffer cinematic Fortnite trailer There was a lot of talk on social media. Avengers series and captain America For the first time in their careers, filmmakers we know with such Marvel films took part in such a project.

Fortnite trailer signed by Russo Brothers released

Zero Crisis Finale season already Fortnite It was met with enthusiasm by its players. Ajan JonesThe first presentation of the section, which includes the single-task event, is already on YouTube. More than 5 million watched by the user. Unfortunately, during the 3-minute video, new characters to join the game this season were not shown. Because many football fans recently, NeymarHe was quite curious with the news that the future of Fortnite.

Here is the most talked about Fortnite Season 2 Episode 6 Trailer with you:

In the past Epic Games with Marvel When we think about the collaborations made by the company; Actually, such a Hollywood touch was not surprising. For the first time in 2018 Avengers: Infinity War of the movie Thanos character He had appeared in Fortnite. Among the characters added to the game this month are various superheroes from Marvel. With the current Russo Brothers surprise, this partnership is now becoming more apparent.

After this magnificent trailer, the fans appeared Russo SiblingsHe mentioned that working with the Epic Games team is great. Emphasizing that Fortnite has a unique place in popular culture, filmmakers said:

Epic’s lead creator, Donald Mustard, continues to take us all into uncharted territory. We think he’s a visionary storyteller.

Right after the russo Donald MustardAn explanation came from. The creative director of the game stated that he was very lucky to meet Joe and Anthony Russo early. “It wasn’t like we had become new friends. It was like I found a missing family memberExplaining his love for them by saying, ”Mustard underlined that they have a common vision. These descriptions are Fortnite it brought to the fan’s mind the idea that new joint projects are on the way.

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