30 July 2021
How did 32 GB iPhone get 128 GB?

How did 32 GB iPhone get 128 GB?

Unfortunately, iPhones come with limited storage space compared to their Android counterparts. Many iPhones have had 16 GB versions for many years, and 32 GB iPhones are still seen today. These storage spaces aren’t enough in a world with 4K movies and a few GB of apps. Teknoway CepMarket We upgraded the 32 GB iPhone 7 to 128 GB.

How to upgrade iPhone memory?

Let’s leave you alone with the memory upgrade video that will solve the problems of most iPhone users without further ado. Have a good time.

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Apple charges a lot for higher storage space on iPhones. For this reason, users can buy a 16 GB iPhone, for example, and later increase it to 128 GB in services such as Teknoway CepMarket.

Thus, it saves a significant amount of money. Customers do not have to sell iPhones that already have good performance simply saying that they have insufficient memory.

After the user is informed that he should accept to be out of warranty, the transactions begin with the approval he gives. Only the NAND Flash (storage chip) on the motherboard of the phone is replaced in the process that takes a maximum of 1 and a half hours. In addition, all the information on the old storage chip is transferred to the new chip.

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