23 July 2021
How is BiP against WhatsApp?

How is BiP against WhatsApp?

With the new update of WhatsApp, the balances in the messaging apps category have changed. In the new era when Facebook will access and use user information more, users started to think about which chat application would be a more suitable alternative. As we approach the date specified by WhatsApp, how is the domestic messaging application BiP?

How is BiP against WhatsApp?

Among the native applications of WhatsApp’s privacy update, which attracted the reaction of all users earlier this year, BiP came to the fore. So, how is the domestic application against WhatsApp and in general?

Beep iOS ve Beep You can download Android applications from the links.

BiP, one of Turkcell’s digital services, iOS and Android It stands out as an instant messaging application that can be used on platforms and is also available to subscribers of all other operators.

Huawei AppGallery Accessible from all major application markets, including BiP, is currently used by millions of Turkish users. Lost messages, caps create, to communicate with anyone, group messaging and location sharing, games, having features such as find multimedia messaging services in the domestic money transfer and Turkey are contained in the motif possible.

Turkey’s communication and life platform beeps, the world’s 53 million in 192 countries has download figures on it. BiP offers uninterrupted communication with messaging, voice and video calling features.

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