4 August 2021
How many hours attempting to Internet in Turkey?  Country by country comparison- SDN

How many hours attempting to Internet in Turkey? Country by country comparison- SDN

Turkey, the digital quality of life in research 44th place took place. VPN service provider Surfshark In the research done by, internet purchasing power, internet quality, electronic infrastructure, e-government and electronic security It was evaluated based on five different criteria such as.

According to this research, cheapest internet package It turned out how much he had to work for. Well but in this sub criterion Sitting 37th in TurkeyHow many hours do you need to work for the cheapest internet in?

Turkey has lagged behind its neighbors in the digital quality of life

World leading VPN one of the services SurfsharkFocusing on the internet quality of countries in 2020 “Digital Life Quality”Published the research.

According to research, on average Turkey # 44 took place and lagged behind some of its neighbors. In this study Bulgaria 26, Greece 37, Azerbaijan ranks 40th.

One of the five criteria internet purchasing power According to the criteria in Turkey cheapest internet package fee for 1 hour 55 minutes needs to work. It 9 hours for mobile internet fee as announced. So in Turkey cheapest mobile internet to have your package eight hours you have to work overtime.

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Internet purchasing power In terms of top 10, respectively: Israel, Canada, Azerbaijan, Poland, Iran, France, Denmark, Sweden, India and Bulgaria sharing.

At the end of the list, in order: Nigeria, Honduras, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Albania takes place.

According to the survey data, internet service in Turkey

In research Internet speed There are also important details about. According to this research 62 Turkey internet speed, ranks 36th in mobile internet speed found a place.

According to Internet protection, network protection criterion # 19 in Turkey, in personal data protection however, it seems to have failed. In the research, this title was rated as low.

E-government In terms of online indexing Turkey ranks 26, in artificial intelligence infrastructure while in research 41st place took. Internet stable 62nd place Turkey is located in the mobile Internet’s stability criteria took the # 67.

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