19 April 2021
How to apply for Starlink?  - 2021 Current Price

How to apply for Starlink? – 2021 Current Price

Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s Elon Musk While continuing to work to make their vehicles completely driverless and to start space tourism on the other hand, the Starlink satellite-to-internet project, which has been on the agenda recently, excites everyone from 7 to 70. In this context How to apply for Starlink? and How much is the Starlink fee? The answer to your questions is quite curious.

In the video we published recently, we have conveyed the process to you by paying the deposit fee. However, after the intense demand from you, we decided to answer the above two questions in detail.

How is Starlink internet speed?

When Elon Musk first announced the Starlink project, he announced that it would reach up to 1 Gbps levels. But earlier this year by SpaceX Federal Communications BoardIn the presentation made, it was announced that the final target was increased to 10 Gbps.

How is Starlink internet speed?

The company continues to ship new satellites. In this context, as the number of satellites increases, speeds are expected to increase. However, speed tests from people who are currently using Starlink show that speeds of 50 – 150 Mbps are achieved.

How to apply for Starlink?

1 – Open your internet browser and “https://www.starlink.comLog in to ”.

2 – In the screen that pops up, “Service AddressWrite your current address to the ”section. In our tests we saw in the whole of Turkey is active payment button. Although your address cannot be found exactly, you can choose by district or choose a region near you.

How to apply for Starlink?

3 –Order NowAfter clicking on the ”button, you will see the estimated date of Starlink’s arrival in your region and the deposit fee.

As standard around the world $ 99 deposit fee requested. When the Starlink becomes available in your area, satellite dishes and other equipment will be located. $ 499 to have a starter kit you will have to pay.

4 –Service InformationYou need to enter your name, phone number and e-mail address in the section. “Billing InformationOn the other hand, you need to enter your credit card information in the section. Since the deposit fee of 99 dollars will be charged, your credit card must have sufficient balance.

Not: In case you give up $ 99 refund you can request.

5 –Place DepositAfter clicking on the ”section, you will complete the application process. The $ 99 fee will be charged to your credit card. In the following days, you will be notified when Starlink becomes available in your area.

How to get Starlink refund?

Elon Musk’s companies are pursuing a very good policy on money refund. Similar to the deposit fees paid for Cybertruck, you pay on the Starlink application $ 99 refund you can request

How to get Starlink refund?

For this starlink.com After entering the address, click on the menu in the upper right corner.Sign InIt is enough to log in from the ”section and create a refund request from the screen that opens.

What do you think about SpaceX’s Starlink project? We are waiting your comments….

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