30 July 2021
How to change Facebook birthdate?  Illustrations

How to change Facebook birthdate? Illustrations

Change the date of birth registered in the Facebook account We explained how to do the process for you. In addition to our information such as name, surname, age, photo, the date of birth month, day, year registered on our social media account. Sometimes we need to change this for any reason. There is a built-in tool that Facebook has developed for this.

Facebook date of birth obliges users to their information. You cannot create an account without a date of birth. But if you don’t want other people to have real information about you, you can easily change it. Well Facebook change date of birth How is it easiest to do? We have prepared a detailed guide with illustrated narration.

Change Facebook birthdate step by step

There is an important detail you should know before taking the steps: Facebook on the support page date of birth, according to the information contained only a few times can be changed. You cannot add different day, month and year information whenever you want. For this reason, it is useful to think carefully about what you want to do about your date of birth.

Now without further ado Facebook change date of birth Let’s move on to the steps.

Step 1: Open Facebook and click on your profile photo in the top right.

Step 2: Log in to your account page by clicking on your name from the screen that opens.

Click on your Facebook profile name

Step 3: Under your profile photo About Click on.

Enter the About Profile section

Step 4: Contact Information and Basic Information Enter section.

Open this page with your private information

Step 5: When you scroll down the page, your date of birth In a format like January 18, 2000 you will see.

Facebook change date of birth

Open here to see your date of birth

Here you can change the month, day and year you were born, respectively. After entering the new information, Facebook also asks you to confirm your age. “I certify that I am xx years old” You need to check the box next to the warning. Subsequently in blue “Save” You can complete the Facebook date of birth change process by clicking the button.

Facebook change date of birth

You can change each information individually

Facebook also lets you choose who can see your date of birth. On the same screen “Friends of friends” You can determine the target audience you want by clicking on the option. For example this setting “Open to everyone” When you do, even those who are not friends with you can see your date of birth. Also, if you do not share your birth day and month with your friends, your friends will not be notified for your upcoming birthday.

Determine your target audience

If you follow the above steps completely Facebook date of birth will be replaced successfully.

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