1 August 2021
How to share internet on the phone?  Pay attention to these!

How to share internet on the phone? Pay attention to these!

─░nternet It has become one of the greatest needs of our age. Everything now to the internet environment While pouring, we handle almost every job on the internet. For this reason, it is quite normal that we always want the internet to be with us at home or outside. To Wi-Fi networks outside security We do not want to be connected on the grounds. We usually prefer to connect to the internet from our friend’s phone. So how is internet sharing done on the phone? What should be considered? What are the risks?

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Step-by-step internet sharing process

After doing this, you will have the opportunity to connect to the internet wherever you are. There are a few fairly simple steps you have to do. These;

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Turn on the wireless and networks option

internet sharing

Click on Wireless connectivity and networks option

Step 3: Click on link sharing and mobile hotspot

Turn on link sharing and mobile hotspot option

Step 4: Click on Portable WLAN hotspot option

internet sharing

Open the WLAN hotspot

Step 5: Click on Configure wireless hotspot from the window that opens

Turn on Configure wireless hotspot option

Step 6: Set the encryption type to “WPA2 PSK”

Make the encryption type WPA2 PSK

Step 7: Choose a password that will not be easy for you to guess and click save.

internet sharing

Set yourself a hard-to-guess password

Step 8: Finally, turn on the option with the Device name at the top.

You have successfully completed the Internet sharing steps.

Step 9: The process is done. You can now comfortably connect to the internet.

After following these steps, you can safely connect to the internet. However, there are a few details that we want to mention here. Most users do not use passwords when sharing internet. In this case, your internet connection becomes unprotected and other people can easily connect. Therefore a strong password Putting it in will always make your internet connection more secure.

Another detail is that the charge of the internet-sharing device is quite will decrease quickly. Your device is normally for this process. as it will consume more energy the battery will be depleted at the same rate.

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