23 July 2021
How to watch Netflix content from Turkey America: Here VPN applications

How to watch Netflix content from Turkey America: Here VPN applications

Online movie and series platform in 2020 when we stayed at home due to the pandemic Netflix’in its use made the ceiling. Over 37 million new subscribers winning platform, Of 210 million managed to reach the user. Intense interest brought the content of the platform to different countries by the users. who subscribe to the platform in Turkey, America is wondering how to watch Netflix content.

There are thousands of movies, series and TV shows in Netflix, which is also followed in our country. However, these contents number from country to country it is changing. According to recent research carried out in Turkey for subscribers, Netflix’s content offered to members in the US only 10 per centHe can access a part of it.

For this reason, subscribers in our country use various methods to Netflix America. to its contents trying to access. So from Turkey Netflix Amerika iHow are their contents tracked? With which VPNs can Netflix US content be watched?

a method for monitoring the content from Netflix, Turkey America:

Netflix America from Turkey to monitor the content is actually very easy. The only thing to do for this is to use a VPN. However, most VPN apps don’t work, as Netflix takes serious precautions against VPN apps. For this reason, it is possible to reach Netflix America content using the right VPN application.


netflix amerika

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN apps for Netflix.

The strongest VPN one of the applications ExpressVPN, Netflix ABDProvides full access to platforms such as Disney + and HBO. HD and Ultra HD high-speed application that provides quality, unlimited bandwidth offers.

Application, 256 bit AES As it uses a (military grade) encryption method, Netflix servers Cannot detect that you are using a VPN. In this way, you are directed directly to Netflix America content. In addition, the ExpressVPN application in the US 22 server is located. With these servers, you can connect to US servers the first time you try.

Application from you 15 month payment plan for $ 6.67 per month charges a fee. 30-day money back ExpressVPN, which also offers a guarantee, is for you if you want to access Netflix US content.


With high speeds, NordVPN does not interrupt while watching Netflix TV shows and movies.

One of the most reliable and fast VPN apps NordVPNNetflix allows you to watch American content easily. The application is located in the USA 1.800With more than one server, it allows you to connect to USA servers at once.

Unlike other VPN apps NordVPNThanks to its high speed, it does not cause any straining or freezing in the content you watch. Application, 256 bit AES Thanks to its encryption method, it allows you to access Netflix servers without getting caught.

Application monthly for 1 year plan $ 4.92 charges a fee. If you don’t like the service offered by the app, let’s mention that there is also a 30-day money back guarantee.


Surfshark provides access to Netflix America content at an affordable subscription fee.

Netflix ABD Undoubtedly, one of the most successful VPN apps for Surfshark. Application, ABD‘from 24has more than one server. In this way, you do not have any connection problems.

Military grade 256 bit AES VPN, where you can access content without being caught by Netflix US servers thanks to its encryption method, is one of the applications with the lowest subscription fee in the market.

Only $ 2.49 per monthThe application that demands a subscription fee of 14 thousand TL, Money back within 30 days offers a guarantee.


The application has 3 servers specially optimized for Netflix USA.

To our list CyberGhost Let’s continue with. Application, ABD ‘from 1000has more than one server. also 3 servers optimized for Netflix Thanks to you, you do not have the slightest problem such as freezing and contraction.

At high speed and Ultra HD VPN application where you have the opportunity to watch movies on Netflix, $ 2.25 subscription fee for the 3-year plan demanding. It should also be noted that the application has a 45-day money back guarantee.

If you download the VPN applications above, you will be able to easily access Netflix America content. All you have to do is download one of the apps that fit your budget and click to connect to the US servers. Netflix will then redirect you to US content as it will see you live in the US.

Netflix America performance of other VPN apps

  • Private Internet Access – Many countries open Netflix content but not stable for the US.
  • IPVanish – Netflix opens US content without any problems, but some of its servers are not working properly.
  • ZenMate – Connection speed is slow compared to other apps.
  • VyprVPN – Netflix opens US content, but there are issues such as interruptions and dropouts.

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