28 July 2021
Huawei calls US to ease sanctions

Huawei calls US to ease sanctions

The commercial war between the US and China is reflected in technology companies. Technology, which is seen as the commercial resource of today and the future, is one of the most important concepts of production. China-based Huawei, in recent years, has been banned from Android, along with some supply restrictions had also taken. According to a statement made by one of the top officials of Huawei, the company, With the US government wants to put the sanctions into dialogue again.

Huawei looking for ways to ease sanctions

Last year, the Trump administration security claims he had taken it to the black list by showing justification. The Chinese manufacturer can do business with US-based manufacturers after being blacklisted almost impossible had become. Tim Danks, the director of the company, who deals with the US relations, emphasized that they want to discuss the sanctions again with the US government.

huawei sanctions

Another reason for this call made by Huawei, allegedly, is the Chinese technology giant. Meng Wanzhouwill be the arrest of the finance director. It looks like Huawei is looking for a temporary license to do business with US companies.

Tim Danks added the following lines in his statement: “In the short term, the US market will not be a priority for Huawei. Our priority is the supply chain. However, Gina Raimondo, candidate for Biden’s Trade Minister, has previously stated that she will use the entire toolbox to protect America and our networks from Chinese intervention or any effect on our network of behind-the-scenes events, whether Huawei or ZTE. or another company. Therefore, even if negotiations are held with Huawei, it is not yet clear what position the new administration will take. “

Recently, Huawei will deliver smartphone parts orders to its suppliers in 2021. More than 60% He declared that he would fall. According to official figures, Huawei will produce 70-80 million smartphones this year, while it was 189 million last year.

How do you interpret the US decisions about Chinese technology manufacturers?

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