1 August 2021
Huawei did not bleed despite Trump's sanctions

Huawei did not bleed despite Trump’s sanctions

Huawei, last year Trump published a report on the sanctions imposed by his government. Due to sanctions In america experiencing a decline in sales Huawei, your loss In china balances with its dominance.

Huawei compensates for its damage in China

Huawei, last year ABD showing the effect of their sanctions on them 2020 published a report containing financial information about the year. According to the report North America and From europe Incoming income seems to have dropped significantly. It was stated that the high sales in China were effective in the strong performance of the company despite all these.

huawei-trumpin-did not lose-blood-despite-sanctions

According to the report, the company’s 2020 revenue increased by 3.8 percent compared to 2019, reaching 891.4 billion yuan ($ 136 billion). Net profit increased by 3.2 percent to 64.6 billion yuan ($ 9.86 billion). While 66 percent of Huawei’s sales last year was in China, this figure was 59 percent in the previous period. The revenue earned by the company in America fell to 24.5 percent.

The company’s breakthroughs in the local 5G market were shown as the most important pillar of this growth in China. Its closest competitor, Nokia, remains idle in the market, while the company’s 5G network expansion Middle East and Africa continued the same graph. However, the sharp decline in income in America telekom attributed to the investment fluctuations in the market. For 5G many countries for its presentation, Huawei instead Samsung’u choosed.

An unnamed Huawei by the manager Washington Post’a In the statement made, it was stated that 2020 was a really difficult year for the company. In addition, export abbreviations applied by the USA Huawei It was underlined that it had a great impact on you. “In the long run, this ABD industry, as well as competitive advantage. Besides, our company, the new president Of Biden the old president Trump’s “We haven’t seen any signs that it might loosen the restrictions it has imposed,” he said.

Source: The Verge

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