1 August 2021
Huawei electric vehicle introduction date has been announced

Huawei electric vehicle introduction date has been announced

Huawei He put an end to the rumors that he will produce his own car in a press release he made in the past months. The company said in a statement smart connected cars He stated that they are working on it but are not planning to produce their own cars.

Huawei He said it would help other automakers build smart connected cars. Finally, the expected news came. The car that Huawei helps its smart systems promotion date it became clear.

Details of the vehicle that Huawei did not produce but helped in terms of technology emerged

Huawei, The vehicle that will use smart car systems for the first time; Chinese electric passenger cars and crossover brand headquartered in Beijing and operating since 2017 ARCFOX’un Alpha S confirmed that it is a model.

On the poster of the vehicle to be introduced in Shanghai on April 17 “We invite you to witness new global benchmarks for autonomous driving” The description is included.


In December, Huawei developed a 96-line medium and long-range LiDAR announced its products. Huawei’s LiDAR, small long-distance obstacles, short-distance stops, tunnels while driving; It has very rich features in terms of intersections and similar application scenarios. In addition, Huawei’s Head of Smart Car Systems Wang Jun |, Huawei’s LiDAR cost in the coming period to $ 200; He even announced that he was planning to reduce it to US $ 100.

One of the largest electric car manufacturers in China BAIC BluePark New Energy Technology also; It will exhibit Huawei’s first model powered by automotive radar technology at Auto Sganghai from April. Arcfox αS HBT named new electric car, 6-millimeter wave radars capable of detecting surrounding objects up to a radius of more than 200 meters; Huawei to provide 12 cameras, 13 ultrasonic radars and an autonomous driving solution above the L3 level with mobile processor bundling.

Source: HuaweiCentral

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