23 July 2021
Huawei is bleeding: US pressure worked?

Huawei is bleeding: US pressure worked?

Donald Trump’s Huawei blacklisted It has been a long time since taking it. However, despite the change of the US president, the Chinese manufacturer not be blacklistedshows that this policy belongs to the United States rather than Donald Trump. Huawei market share in 2020 some amount although the company has increased, in the fourth quarter suffered a loss. Experts, this loss That it can continue in 2021 says.

The only way out for the Chinese smartphone maker HarmonyOS will it be

Huawei’s market share fell to 8.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020

Donald Trump in May 2019 Huawei and its affiliates added to the blacklist. so Google services and appsWas not found on Huawei’s new devices. This situation especially Many users in the USA and Europe He prevented him from buying a smartphone with the Huawei logo. However, the company Its popularity in the Chinese and Asian marketensured that the sanctions were not immediately felt.

BloombergAccording to the news of Huawei, Your hardest year ever spent. Of the company last quarter revenue at a record high suffered a decline. In the last quarter of 2019 Huawei market share of 15.2 percent, 2020 dropped to 8.4 percent in the last quarter. Sales and profit over the whole year increased by 3.8 percent and 3.2 percent respectively. However, this rise is at the top of the products 5G base stations took place.

In the smartphone market in the last quarter of 2020 The biggest growing company is Xiaomi happened.

Mate 40 and P40 series Being deprived of Google services, towards the end of the year it greatly affected smartphone sales. Huawei Ken Hu, one of the three vice presidents“Supply constraints in our smartphone business have had a huge impact on us and the supply of our smartphones a clear picture we could not see We think this is unfair for Huawei and it has done us a lot of harm. ” said.

US President Biden and his administration, It does not relieve the pressure on the Chinese company. Huawei, to minimize the loss of mobile market share to different markets had to turn. The company is for healthcare, coal mining and even pig farming new technologies started to develop. If the latest news to the autonomous vehicle industry in the direction they are considering entering.

Of the world Huawei with the most comprehensive 5G patent portfolio (3007)From companies such as Apple and Samsung to use these patents that you will start to charge told.

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