14 April 2021
Huawei P50 Pro Plus seen with five camera

Huawei P50 Pro Plus seen with five camera

Huawei new flagship family in the coming months P50 series will appear with. As we approached the launch date, the frequency of leaks started to increase as much. Being the highest level equipped model of the series Huawei P50 Pro Plus Now it has surfaced with rendered images.

Huawei P50 Pro Plus design made clear

A few weeks ago Huawei P50/50 Prothree-dimensional images of the Internet leaked to the Internet. Now is HoilNDI by a social media user named Huawei P50 Pro Plus The images of the model were revealed. Images taken from the front and back of the device began to spread.

Huawei P50 Pro Plus

P50 Pro Plus back view

According to the leaked photos, the P50 Pro Plus has a unique penta camera will have the module. A double ring design This module comes with auxiliary lenses. periscope and telephoto It will also host cameras. In addition, the Leica logo in the middle of the vertical installation shows that the series continues to cooperate with the famous German lens manufacturer.

Huawei P50 Pro Plus

P50 Pro Plus two-sided view

P50 Pro Plus It will be the model that the series has equipped with the highest level of features. In this device, which will come with an assertive camera configuration for mobile photographers; There will also be one of the best performing processors in the market for the chipset.

However, the debate about the processors is still going on. Because according to the latest news Huawei company in the P50 Pro and P50 Pro Plus models Kirin 9000L It will include a processor named. In the standard model Kirin 9000 allegedly.

Huawei P50 series will be out of the box with HarmonyOS

Huawei P50 series Android It will be released without an operating system. The Chinese manufacturer is allegedly testing its new flagships at the moment. HarmonyOS will take it out of the box with. Hence this First Huawei phone without Android means. However, the issue has not been officially confirmed yet. The company continues to remain silent for now.

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