30 July 2021
Huawei P50 prototype leaked: here is its design

Huawei P50 prototype leaked: here is its design

Flagship expected to be introduced in June Huawei P50 A new one has been added to the related leaks. A photo circulating on the internet is claimed to be the design of the Huawei P50.

About the flagship to be introduced in June soon different prototypes We have also seen. The Chinese manufacturer also introduced its new smart watch and operating system with its new flagship. On the same date will introduce.

Photo allegedly Huawei P50 prototype

The image in question was sent anonymously to foreign technology press. We have previously encountered different design prototypes for the same phone. But this time the shared image shows a completely different design from the previous ones.

huawei p50 design

Visual curved edges We see. Along with this detail, the other point that draws our attention the most is camera design. Because the camera is very similar to the Huawei Mate 30. The absence of a periscope camera on the rear camera Pro variant shows that it does not belong.

huawei p50 design

If we look at the front of the device, we see a very good screen / case ratio and U-type notch. In a way you wouldn’t expect otherwise from a flagship AMOLED screen It is immediately clear that. This on the screen. fingerprint icon we can understand through.

Having an old camera design in the image suspicious We can’t help but say that it is. Because technology manufacturers often use new designs in flagship phones. Perhaps this design is another manufacturer’s phone prototype inspired by Huawei’s designs.

Although Huawei is stuck in the corner of the smartphone recently, we do not look forward to the possibility of reusing an old camera design.

Earlier this week another Huawei P50 design more had appeared. Since that design is not old-fashioned, we were able to give it more possibility to be real.

huawei p50 design

Huawei P50 design that was previously leaked

The device will be introduced To june It looks like we’ll hear more leaks since it’s been two months.

What will Huawei introduce in June?

Besides the flagship phone that is expected to be introduced, there are two more important details. One of them is Huawei developed HarmonyOS operating system, the other is Huawei Watch 3. This trio is of great importance for the continuity of the ecosystem. Because Huawei does not have much time in Android. This situation requires increasing the variety of devices using HarmonyOS.

As previously known Huawei P50, With HarmonyOS the future. Developer support is very important in bringing a new operating system to the consumer. The Chinese manufacturer continues to make strides in this regard. Incoming innovations when will be enough is at the discretion of consumers.

What do you think about the leaked Huawei P50 design?

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