5 August 2021
Huawei plans to produce electric cars

Huawei plans to produce electric cars

Of the world largest telecommunications company Huawei, ABD After the embargo problem with him, he lost a great income. ABD’li The technology giant, which was banned from doing business with companies, lost a serious market share, especially in the telephone industry. The company found the solution to invest in alternative industries. Reuters According to the claim put forward by Huawei, electric car will produce. Moreover, much earlier than you expected.

Huawei electric car on the road in 2021

According to allegations Huawei, electric car to produce Changan, BAIC Group and started negotiations with other manufacturers. Instead of establishing its own facilities, the company will cooperate with brands that are already producing. The company, which plans to keep the production time short in this way, aims to launch its first vehicle at the end of 2021.

The company, which does not have retrospective experience in this field, Tesla It will compete directly with such manufacturers. The classes and features of the vehicles to be produced are already a matter of curiosity. The Chinese technology giant, Considering the possibilities it has, it is expected to be successful in this field.https://shiftdelete.net/?p=467049&preview=true

Technology companies are entering the automobile industry

Even though the news is pretty surprising at first glance, it’s actually no surprise. Of electric cars With its rise, cars have ceased to be traditional products and become technological products. This situation has caused companies that are highly experienced in battery and various issues to set their eyes on this area. Apple and Xiaomi other technology companies investing in this field. Let’s see who will be the first in the competition between modern technology companies and traditional automobiles.

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