23 July 2021
Huawei will produce smart connections for cars

Huawei will produce smart connections for cars

Huawei It finally responded to rumors that it would produce its own car. The Chinese company, which made a press release today, announced that it has no such work.

Chinese technology giant, in its latest statement smart connected cars He stated that they are working on it but are not planning to produce their own cars. Huawei said it will help other automakers build smart connected cars. He announced that they are working to develop next generation computing and communication-based technologies.

Huawei aims to make a mark on the automobile world

Huawei More than 30 smart components plans to launch. These smart connections will be made available in cars. These components will be launched shortly. The company announced plans to collaborate with more than 20 hardware manufacturers and 280 application vendors.


Huawei plans to make cars smart with the technologies it has developed

HICAA With its initiative, Huawei is trying to diversify the auto industry. In the coming months 5G partnered with 18 automakers in China to launch smart connected vehicles.

One of the largest electric car manufacturers in China BAIC BluePark New Energy TechnologyWill exhibit Huawei’s first model powered by automotive radar technology at Auto Sganghai from April. Arcfox αS HBT The new electric car will be equipped with Huawei’s newly launched auto lidar sensor, which can detect objects around the car up to a radius of more than 200 meters.

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