18 April 2021
Huawei'den Gmail'e rakip: Petal Mail

Huawei’den Gmail’e rakip: Petal Mail

Huawei; Gmail, Yandex Mail, Yahoo Mail developed as a competitor to e-mail services such as Petal Mail announced the service. Petal Mail, which was opened for use in China, currently only serves in Chinese language; but Turkey including it can be used in all countries of the world.

Cited by Gizchina According to the information, Petal Mail is still in testing phase. Even so petalmail.com Huawei accepts user registrations through the website, and those who complete their registration @ petalmail.com gives an e-mail address with an extension. It is worth noting that this address is completely separate from the Huawei ID.

What are the features of Petal Mail?

Petal Mail, Since it is a new service yet, it lacks many features compared to its competitors. The service welcomes first-time users with a white background design. inbox stubs with stars and sent It offers four folders, including Also, if you want, you can create folders with different names according to your intended use.

huawei petal mail

There is a section consisting of two columns in the web interface of the Petal Mail service. Falling in the inbox in the first column emails while taking place; in the second column the content of the e-mail, titles and other details are displayed in an enlarged view.

Huawei’s virtual currency: Petals

By ITHome According to reports, Huawei, in addition to the PetalMail service, Virtual currency called Petals also announced the unit. Although all the details of this currency are not yet clear, its value is approximate $ 0.0015 (0.011 Turkish Lira) is stated to be.

Unfortunately, it is not clear for what purpose the currency will be used. Most likely, Huawei will allow users to make in-app purchases via this currency.

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