4 August 2021
Huawei's exciting claim for electric cars

Huawei’s exciting claim for electric cars

For a long time, when Huawei is mentioned, the US embargo comes to mind. Huawei found the solution to develop its own products, which was banned from trading with US companies when Donald Trump was president and therefore could not include Google services and apps on its new phones.

Although the phone has lost its market share and the resulting loss of revenue, the Chinese technology giant, which is skipping the process slightly than expected, continues to work in different areas. Similar to Apple, Huawei has rolled up its sleeves to develop electric cars.

Huawei electric car could hit the road in 2021

It was previously on the agenda that Huawei was working on vehicle production. According to the news shared by Reuters Changan, BAIC Group and negotiations with other companies operating in this field have started. Instead of establishing its own facility, Huawei will launch its vehicle through a company that already manufactures, thus speeding up the mass production process.

Some sources claim that the vehicle will be available at the end of 2021. However, how realistic this claim is is a matter of debate.


Even though the news is pretty surprising at first glance, it’s actually no surprise. Of electric cars With its rise, cars have ceased to be traditional products and become technological products. This situation has caused companies that are highly experienced in battery and various issues to set their eyes on this area. Apple and Xiaomi other technology companies investing in this field.

We will see together how technology giants step into the automobile industry will affect manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes.

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