5 August 2021
Hulu PiP mode introduced in iOS 14s

Hulu PiP mode introduced in iOS 14s

Digital broadcasting platform Hulu, iOS 14 activated the ‘Picture in Picture’ mode. thus Hulu users, PiP modu While watching TV series, he will be able to perform other activities with his phones.

Hulu aims to catch up with its rivals with PiP mode

Hulu, brought iOS 14 ‘picture in picture’ with update (PiP) activated its support. MacRumors’un to your news According to this development, Hulu subscribers iPhone and iPad It means they can engage in activities such as messaging or surfing the internet while watching something with their device. Platform so iOS 14 aims to keep up with its competitors by using the feature it provides.


Hulu In the statement about the update on the front, “PiP’in iOS 14‘was enabled in the original version, but then disabled to provide the best experience for viewers. With the feature coming back, users will be able to resize the videos they watch. To activate the animated player PiP They will be able to activate the mode by tapping the button.

Apple TV Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and HBO Max He joined the companies with the support of PiP. All these services are just like Hulu It will offer its customers the picture-in-picture feature by having a special button such as, or by sliding the main screen while the video is playing.

On the other hand by Apple iOS 14 While this feature has been supported by popular broadcast companies for a while, at first YouTube was not possible for. The reason why the company is late for the feature operated with the incoming 14.5 update continues to be a question mark.

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