30 July 2021
HyperX move from HP: Here are the details

HyperX move from HP: Here are the details

HP, Omen series has been in the market for a long time with its player computers. Omen targeting the players with its series computers, HP plans to increase its share in the player equipment market with its new move. If this is your plan HyperX will perform with.

HP buys HyperX for $ 425 million

With this move, HP aims to have a say in the player equipment market. HP acquired the rights to HyperX’s PC peripherals only. This is HP’s HyperX RAM, FlashDisk and SSDhave a say in their will not means. HP, HyperX will be able to profit from their gaming keyboards, mice and headsets.

HP, Omen was already producing player equipment under the brand, but Razer, Logitech and Corsair did not receive much attention compared to its competitors. Also HP some HyperX used for equipment NGenuity that the software will continue to exist and that it is currently used Omen Control Center stated that it will not be integrated into the software. HyperX, currently among the best selling gaming headsets Cloud produced a series of headphones. In addition to Cloud, it stands out with other player accessories.

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