30 July 2021
Hyundai recalls 75,680 Kona

Hyundai recalls 75,680 Kona

South Korean automaker Hyundai faced potential fire risks 75.680 will replace the battery of electric Kona models.

Korean regulators and Yonhap‘according to Hyundai, 75,680 Kona EV and 82.000 batteries in the electric vehicle 900 million will replace it at cost. The announcement follows Hyundai’s 14 fires on batteries manufactured by LG Chem South Korea and North Americain Kona EVIt came after he recalled.

LG Chem denies the accusation

Hyundai made a statement on the subject, “Our priority is to eliminate potential risks to customer safety despite low fire probability and high financial burden” said.

After the first recall, Hyundai 90 percent upgraded Kona’s battery management system to the limit. However, according to Reuters, a vehicle that received the update last month South Koreain flames. In this situation, an investigation was initiated by the Korean authorities about the recall.

Korea Ministry of Transportdetermined that the upgrade prevented overcharging, but could not fix the problem. In a report, fires “poor alignment inside the cell”, But still looking for possible causes. LG Chem denied the accusation, but announced that it will continue to work with the Ministry to determine the cause of the fires.

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