23 July 2021
Hyundai to build F1-inspired charging stations

Hyundai to build F1-inspired charging stations

Hyundai, this year South Koreapreviewed one of the charging stations that it will establish in. Automobile manufacturer Formula 1 charging station inspired by pit stops E-Pit He calls it.

With the charging station to be installed 800 volt Owners of models with charging feature only 18 minutes in 80 percentIt will be able to charge up to. Also compatible vehicles only 5 minutes with charging and 100 kilometers will be able to get range.

Hyundai E-Pit will make a cool look among charging stations

Hyundai across Korea this month 12 highways total at rest stop 72 charge with the point 12 E-Pit stations will establish. Also, in city centers across the country 48 charger will build eight more stations with.

Korea TimesHe also reported that Hyundai will also offer a digital payment service that allows users to automatically pay their charging fees via a mobile app.

Peoples 60 percenthave private charging stations similar to these, as more than one of them live in apartments and therefore cannot rely on charging their vehicles at home Koreis very important in.

It is not yet clear whether Hyundai will establish similar charging stations in other countries.

The automaker’s first vehicle to utilize fast charging stations is fully electric. Ioniq 5 it will be. Based on the same platform as Ioniq 5 and sharing most of its components Kia EV6 will also be able to benefit from this platform. Later this year, Genesis will join the EV battle with JW, which uses the same platform as Ioniq 5 and EV6.

How did you find the charging stations to be established by Hyundai under the name of E-Pit? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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