1 August 2021
Hyzon Motors targets Europe in hydrogen fuel

Hyzon Motors targets Europe in hydrogen fuel

Hyzon Motors, hydrogen powered trucks and buses with a rental formula European Will present to fleet operators. The company is responsible for diesel-powered commercial vehicles in Europe. TCO He claims he can reach parity.

HyzonEuropean Union customers can use the company’s vehicles as a leasing she wants him to buy with her model. Thus, without sacrificing performance, customers’ fleets to hydrogen fuel It aims to speed up its transition.

Hyzon’s goal is high

Hyzon, in Europe diesel cost of ownership of commercial vehicles (TCO) to customers with hydrogen fuel It also announced that it aims to be among the first companies to supply a cell truck.

The company is also through its customers’ alliance with multiple hydrogen infrastructure partners. TCO It will also try to help them reach parity. Hyzon Motors, Hollanda, GroningenIt aims to play an important role in the transition of the European Union to hydrogen energy through its production base in.

What is hydrogen energy?

Hydrogen is the fuel cell in the universe that runs on and basit element and and globe gaz It is known as. Colorless, odorless, tasteless and transparent an element hydrogen lightest in nature specified as an element.

In addition, hydrogen, the future clean energy It is said to be an excellent complement to electrons in systems. Standing out as the smallest atom, hydrogen is also the first element in the periodic table.

Hydrogen in the earth is found in the water molecule, living things and fossil materials. For example, the most hydrogen element is found in the Sun. Since hydrogen is chemically very active, it is very difficult to find it in pure form in nature.

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