23 July 2021
TSMC takes action for increased 5 nm demand

Increase in chip demand prompts TSMC

Along with many industry giants, Apple, Qualcomm and AMD producing processors for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company TSMC announced a significant increase in both facilities and research spending.

TSMCspending rate to meet growing demand. 50 percentup to. With this increase, toplamda 100 billion dollars The chip producer invested in the next three years, making investments annually. 30 billion predicts to increase. According to the data, this 2020‘nin 17.2 billion relative to dollar capital expenditure roughly 43 percentand an increase in research and development 3.72 billion dollars representing.

TSMC will establish four different factories

As a result of the investment made to meet the increasing demand, Planned to start operations in 2024 in Arizona 5 nm A factory with a capacity will be established. However, the manufacturer had In the city of tainan 2022, 2nd quarter planned to be activated 3 nm It focuses on the opening of the factory with a capacity.

In addition to these steps, as a result of investments that will continue for three years A 2nm capacity “in Hsinchu, Taiwan and possibly Baoshan”GigaFab”And two new advanced packaging facilities will also be established.

TSMCexisting factories 100 percent He thinks expansion is critical as it cannot meet the growing demand for chips despite being in use.

The location of the manufacturer is arguably critical to the global economy as well. Because although TSMC still cannot meet the demand in full use, competing foundries GlobalFoundries and UMCeffectively withdrew from this market, halting the development of its own pioneering fabrication processes.

Although UMC has stopped researching pioneering processes, it still continues to grow. The firm announced increased expansion and investment moves in its foundries in Tainan.

But the company is mainly cheaper 28 nm focused on increasing the capacity to produce chips. Smart phones and PCPerformance-critical applications such as’ s 28 nm Although it has gone through the process, it remains important in less demanding embedded devices such as smart TVs and set-top boxes.

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