30 July 2021
Ingenuity has landed on Mars: the historic is now ready for flight

Ingenuity has landed on Mars: the historic is now ready for flight

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopterIt has been hidden inside the vehicle for months since Persevarance landed on the red planet. Out of its nest To the surface of mars the helicopter that settled has started counting the days for the historical flight

What the space agency did late Saturday, April 4 to explain According to NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity, mothership Persevarance left his vehicle. 471 million kilometers For the first time after the trip, the helicopter stood on its own feet. There was about a week left for his first flight.

First helicopter sent to another planet: Ingenuity

Ingenuity for days To the surface of mars preparations were made for the placement. About four kilos weighs and sun-powered helicopter resting on the surface NASA announced by. According to the explanations, an internal rechargeable battery was prepared to keep the systems warm and working on cold Mars nights. He said the space agency Ingenuity was connected to Perseverance because the helicopter used the vehicle’s nuclear power system to heat it up.


NASA shared that Ingenuity sat on the surface of Mars.

Ingenuity is now taking advantage of the internal heater to keep its system warm. This heater -130 Fahrenheit in cold temperatures up to approx. 45 degrees keeping warm. With this heat rate, the components of the battery and sensitive electronic parts are protected against possible dangers. For 85 million dollars the cost vehicle so far first helicopter sent to another planet happened.

Ingenuity’s first flight will be on April 11

According to the information shared by NASA Ingenuity your first flight 11 Nisan’da plans to realize. Data collected as a result of the tests carried out by the helicopter 12 April but in the history of To the Earth will reach. The space agency hopes to reach a conclusion about the search for life on the red planet, if the mission is successful.

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