22 April 2021
Innovation from Microsoft Edge to delight students

Innovation from Microsoft Edge to delight students

Microsoft, internet browser Edge is testing a feature that will solve math operations for you. Math Solver The tool, which will be published with the name, will quickly solve even the most complex formulas and reveal them.

Recently, we have come across with innovations one after the other. Chromium based web browser Microsoft Edge vertical tabs, startup support and kid mode It introduced a number of practical features such as. While all these features are expected to be transferred to the stable version of the application in March; now we have another surprise innovation! This time, the developers seem to be aiming to make students’ work easier.

Microsoft Edge automatically solves math operations

Having achieved great success since working with the Chromium engine, Microsoft has now rolled up its sleeves for a unique feature that will significantly differentiate the Edge program from its competitors. The last work that the developers started the testing phase has managed to attract attention.

Microsoft Edge according to the new feature that has emerged math problems and formula solutions a tool to quickly serve for improves. Struggling with difficult homework at first eagerly awaited by students this innovation Bing search engine will work with. It will automatically solve the mathematical questions you suddenly encounter on the browser screen. It will also be possible to enter questions manually.

Microsoft Edge

Currently in testing phase, this feature is only available for Microsoft Edge. In the canary version has. So if you want to see the new tool early, you have no choice but to run this version. However, it is known that not all users who downloaded Canary can access the new feature. To understand this, enter the program and Settings> View> Show Math Solver It will be enough to follow the steps.

For now, it is not known when the Math Solver feature will come to all Microsoft Edge users, and even whether it will come to be exact. There is a small possibility that Microsoft may abandon this feature suddenly. However, it is most likely that the feature will open to everyone in the coming weeks.

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