30 July 2021
Instagram announced a new feature for DM

Instagram announced a new feature for DM

Social media platforms have become channels where almost all people communicate with each other. However, the number of malicious people on such platforms is also increasing. Hence users, Instagram Or they are stuck in bad words and insults through various applications.

Working on this issue for a long time Instagram, finally announced a new tool for users to block offensive words. This new vehicle announced earlier today; It will automatically filter emoticons, emojis or direct messages.

Instagram gets in front of malicious people

Often people trapped in bad words and insults are phenomena or celebrities. Many people, especially fake accounts, can insult them on social media as they wish. However, those who have been working on this issue for a long time Instagramannounced its new vehicle, albeit late. This tool will prevent a large number of unwanted or insulting DMs.

Last February, the company said it would deactivate the accounts of users who sent multiple abusive messages. In 2018, Instagram; expanded the “offensive comments filter” tool to block bad comments on a person’s character or appearance.


Malicious DMs will be filtered by Instagram

Filter of message requests announced today; application “Hidden words” It will open and close in a new section called. As long as this feature is turned on, annoying messages will be sent to a separate folder. These secretly filtered messages will be viewed by the user at any time. For example, when the user touches the message, he will read it, and he will also delete or report it.

The company stated that it is working with “anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations” for this feature it added to the application. With this collaborative work, users will automatically be prevented from receiving messages containing insults or similar words.

This new feature of Instagram will start rolling out to several countries in the coming weeks. However, there is currently no official statement about which of these countries will be. After a few months DM This new feature can be used by everyone.

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