18 April 2021
Instagram DM restricts under 18 users

Instagram DM restricts under 18 users

Instagram DM for a specific category of users new security considerations working on it. Social network, which attracts attention with its recently increased privacy efforts, maintaining underage profiles took action on the subject.

Pedophilia on social media topic has become one of the biggest digital dangers of our time. While the platforms are trying to protect their young users in this regard; It rapidly brings new measures with the help of artificial intelligence. One of the applications that struggles the most with this is Instagram … Via private message underage users Harassing adult profiles are now facing stricter sanctions.

Instagram DM takes new measures against pedophilia

With the new changes, conversations between non-consecutive adults and young people will be blocked. A user over the age of 18, try to send a message to the underage profile One by Instagram DM warning notice will take. This movement will be automatically detected and blocked by the system. However, this will not include people who are already interacting.

In addition, Instagram will encourage minors to be more careful in their conversations with adult profiles that they have already contacted. By the system ‘dangerousadults described as For users under the age of 18 when they send a message; platform to the opposite side “exhibiting potentially suspicious behavior”Will send a warning.

Instagram DM

Instagram DM announced new measures against pedophilia.

These alerts are often used by a large number of users under 18 follower or message request will appear with the receipt. With the help of artificial intelligence, young people can easily identify users who see danger. block, Do not complain or Restriction will be able to use the options.

Announces that it will increase Instagram security restrictions

Of course Instagram fight pedophilia does not expect to provide a security on DM only. In addition, the platform is more focused on a number of other measures. The latest statements made by the company state that the application will never compromise in this regard; adults to communicate with underage users announced that it would make it even more difficult.

It was stated that all these security steps will be gradually distributed to users. This month, restrictions on under-18 profiles will be introduced in many countries. However, it is estimated that these functions will only be extended by the end of the year in all regions.

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