4 August 2021
Instagram Reels gets advertising feature

Instagram Reels gets advertising feature

Social media platform Instagram, advertising feature found almost everywhere in the application Reels will also offer for. In addition, the company brought the integration of ads into stickers to the test phase.

Instagram, short video feature on the platform ReelsAdds advertisement to. Made by the company to explain According to the new feature first India, Brazil, Germany and AustraliaIt will begin to be tested in. Soon it will be fully active in an expanded manner.

Instagram Reels advertising feature will include many features

Ads to be published Reelslike ‘s 30 seconds may be in length. In addition, it will be similar to the advertisements tried in stories because they are vertical or full screen. However, unlike the ads in the stories, users ReelsThey will be able to comment, like, save and share the advertisements they see on.

Instagram Reels gets advertising feature

Considering that the company shapes its revenues around advertisements, Reels The ads don’t sound surprising. But InstagramIt is possible for ‘s to cool users from the application with ads squeezed between real content. For Instagram’s head of Adam Mosseri, He stated in January that he was not satisfied with this feature.

Facebook has also previewed new sticker ads for Facebook stories, which will be available for creators and advertisers in the coming weeks. The company announced last month that the stickers will only look cute, but touch them to buy a product. Content creators will also be able to get a share from these stickers.

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