1 August 2021
Intel that waged war on Apple was disgraced

Intel that waged war on Apple was disgraced

IntelComputers with the Windows operating system Apple M1 MacBook opened a new website comparing its devices. In comparison ‘user performance‘The company focused on the ax hit the stone. It has become a mockery on social media due to exaggerated and incorrectly entered data.

PCs with Intel processors by comparison with full screen touch capability while coming forward; On the Mac M1s only Touch Bar there is support. Intel highlights Multi-4K image option, unlimited game play possibility and creativity-oriented programs was mentioned as supporting. At Apple, all of these are more limited; It was said that it couldn’t run all the games.

In short, throughout the page Intel is superior to M1 processor MacBooks A series of reports are presented. While some issues may seem a bit exaggerated to consumers, Intel creates controversy, especially in its data on battery life.

Intel accidentally revealed the actual battery time of the Acer Swift 5

On Intel’s new website MacBook Air with M1 chip with Acer Swift 5 devices were compared in terms of battery life. Intel on this laptop model from Apple 18-hour battery performance He expressed that he was proud of. However, the claim does not have a real-world equivalent, in the tests applied with Acer’s laptop. approximately the same battery times He stated that he has.

The controversial part of the work is the Swift 5 device starts on page. Here clearly Acer, Provides up to 17 hours of battery life emphasizes. But Intel this figure 10 hours 12 minutes He explained that it was limited to. Apple “lie to usersThe company accused of “with unwillingly revealed its own device.


Intel compared the battery times of the Acer Swift 5 with the M1-powered MacBook Air.

That to the link You can access Intel’s new page by clicking it. From the council However, it is possible to view the official page of the Acer Swift 5. You can compare the data yourself.

The claims of companies regarding battery life are actually always somewhat doubtful. Unfortunately, there is no test standard in the industry in this regard. Therefore companies to show high battery performance conducts tests under controlled conditions. That’s why social media users do not blame Apple or Acer for this. But the attitude of Intel, which turns the arrows of criticism to its opponent, is not welcomed by social media users.

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