30 July 2021
Intel will be a medicine to the automobile market with chip production

Intel will be a medicine to the automobile market with chip production

The trouble in chip production reaches the peak nowadays Intelis slightly more advantageous than its competitors. Because unlike Intel, AMD and many other companies for chip production to their own facilities owner. After CEO replacement, Pat Gelsinger excludes Intel other companies He gave the signal that they would produce chips for However, this production of the blue suit itself without trouble It is a matter of curiosity how to solve it. Now, according to the statements made by the CEO, the American silicone manufacturer, automobile market will produce chip for.

As we mentioned earlier, Intel will not have a chip crisis in the future. 20 billion dollar facility He stated that he would establish.

Intel to alleviate automobile market crisis with chip production

CEO Pat Gelsinger, Reuters In an interview with Intel’s to chip production for auto companies He said he could start. With companies already producing chips for cars what they are seeing Stating that Gelsinger is already working with some key component suppliers that they have reached the agreements stated. Gelsinger also said that producing chips for automobiles more advantageous in terms of time stated that. If your full production Between 6 and 9 months is scheduled to begin.

Intel does not have as much trouble in chip production as its competitors for now. However, in the messages it sends to its business partners, the company There will be a stock problem for the Rocket Lake-S family stated. In this case, the production line allocated to the automobile market is desktop processor market There is a possibility to affect.

Automotive industry from ongoing global chip shortage most affected markets became one. Ford, GM, Tofaş and Renault companies such as had to suspend production due to lack of parts. If Intel can start producing automotive chips later in the year, it will a new supply route can provide.

With the change of CEO, Intel to a different way entry. Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s producing chips only for themselves it does not want it to remain as a company. Gelsinger, last month Intel Foundry Services He introduced the line of business with a new independent foundry named. In this direction, the company for other companies x86, ARM and RISC-V will produce based hardware. The American manufacturer is in Arizona for this purpose. Of a new $ 20 billion factory started construction. Among Intel’s ultimate goals, such as Apple produce chips for other companies takes place.

Technology editor who previously made many warnings about the chip crisis Erdi ÖzüağHe said it had become a matter of national security. US president taking steps to chip manufacturing Joe Bidenchip shortage national security issue voicing as first president happened. Biden, on the topic Intel, Ford, Google, GM, TSMC and Dell with big companies like White Housewill meet in.

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