14 April 2021
Intel will compensate a company that does not exist

Intel will compensate a company that does not exist

Ryzen Having a hard time with the rise of series processors, Intel continues to have a hard time. One blow to the company came from the copyright lawsuit, especially after the loss of market share in the processor market for users. Court Intel’in, not active for a long time VLSI Technology‘e 2.18 billion dollars asked for compensation.

Company born from the ashes for the case, VLSI

VLSI, which many of us have heard of for the first time, Apple and Acorn together with ARM one of the architects of his project. The company that shrank afterwards, Philips 1999 in the year he bought. After this event, all assets Philips’in sub company NXP’ye gone. The company, whose name we haven’t heard of after this date, was born from the ashes in 2019. Moreover, for a case.

Suing Intel VLSI, accused the company of significant copyright infringement. Saying that it violated three different patents, the company demanded compensation from semiconductor manufacturer Intel. The patents in question, 2009, 2010 and 2012 although it was given to other companies in the years of VLSI’a is back.


Intel not admitting the charges, VLSI so to speak “zombie” accused of being. However, this defense, which was not sufficient, failed to persuade the court. Decides that two of the three patents applied for have been violated Intelcould not escape the punishment. Company for a copyright 1.5 billionif for the other 675 Million dollars will pay. Some of the copyrights are NXP’ye payable. The patents that are the subject of the lawsuit are related to the actions taken to increase the speed and power of the processor.

Making a statement after the lawsuit, the company said, “We plan to appeal and we believe we will win this case.” made the explanation. Annual income if the company loses appeal % 10’luk will have to pay this compensation corresponding to the part.

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