6 August 2021
Interesting foldable phone patent from Google

Interesting foldable phone patent from Google

US technology giant Googleis on the agenda with a new patent it has received. The company, which allegedly has been working on foldable smartphones recently, has a new design that is quite different. foldable phone patent took.

According to the patent received from the US Patent and Trademark Office GoogleIn the coming years, it aims to go out of the ordinary in this field by entering the foldable phone business with different designs.

Google aims for the foldable phone to be three in one

From PatentlyApple to information According to the company’s folding phone hinge design will be quite different from existing devices. Existing foldable telephones are prone to deterioration in structure. Especially used in such devices flexible screens, It breaks down after a certain period of time and incurs serious expenses.

Google, drawing attention to these problems in the patent it has received, hinge mechanism with sliding gears will use. In this way, chronic problems such as hinge breakage and screen degradation that occur in foldable phones will be prevented.


The foldable phone will be used as a phone, tablet and netbook. At the same time, different hinge design will prevent existing problems with foldable phones.

The patent that the company has received is for us, the foldable phone three in one it shows that it will have the design. This means that both the device telephone, him tablet, him the netbook It means it will be used as.

Retrieved from the US Patent and Trademark Office 20210109572 patent number is a fairly new project for the company. The patent, filed in December of 2020, could breathe new life into the foldable phone world if it comes to life.

As it is known, with foldable phone projects with such interesting designs, in the past weeks, smart LG was taking care of it completely withdrawing from the phone business. It seems that Google will replace the company, which has many patents, especially on foldable phones with three-in-one designs.

It is not clear when this patent will come into effect at the moment. Companies obtain new patents to improve their technologies. While most of these patents are put into effect, a small part remains only as patents. For this reason, it is always best to wait for the official announcement about the patents received by the companies.

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