21 April 2021
Interesting Mesut Ozil error in Google searches

Interesting Mesut Ozil error in Google searches

In the Google search engine Twitter search Users who made it faced a very interesting search error. On the Wikipedia information card on the right after the search Twitter logo was replaced by a different logo.

Google is on the agenda with interesting Twitter search error

The world-famous Fenerbahçeli Mesut Özil logo appears in Twitter searches made on Google. Although the source of this Google search error is unknown, the Twitter logo continues to be used on the Wikipedia page.

This interesting Google search error It continues to be seen in both desktop and mobile versions. However, for some users, this search error has ended. Google, for now Twitter search Removed the Wikipedia information card for it without searching. Instead, a simple company information card was added. But also under this card Google search for Mesut Özil added a link regarding. Of course, this shows that the error persists.

The Microsoft Bing or DuckDuckGo search engines did not return such an error in the Twitter search, though it was not on the Wikipedia page. This shows that the error is specific to Google.

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Mesut Özil has this logo on both the E-Sports team and the clothing brand. After Özil transferred to Fenerbahçe, he used yellow and navy blue colors in his M10 logo. In this error, the final version of the logo appears.

Although Google comes up with these errors, it usually solves such problems in a short time. Twitter is about to end by the BTK. Yet the social media giant that Turkey has taken the first step to open an office in this regard. Accordingly, Twitter started the first meetings with the ministry. Twitter will turn on the Turkey office of these discussions is not yet clear.

Interesting Google errors

Google occasionally makes such errors, despite constant improvements in search algorithms. The search engine came up with such a funny mistake in a search for WhatsApp Web before. In this error, Google misspelled the WhatsApp name as WhatApp in its WhatsApp Web tag.

Google made a significant mistake in the 2021 New Year’s doodle. With this error, Google was doing 202 searches in the search bar instead of 2021. The search engine giant has previously come up with funny mistakes such as Google Assistant’s perception of Siri as a mouse.

Why do you think these funny mistakes made by the Google search engine originate? We are waiting your comments.

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