1 August 2021
iOS 14.5 beta 6 released: Siri is now more capable

iOS 14.5 beta 6 released: Siri is now more capable

Before almost all technology manufacturers release their software publicly volunteer users getting it tested. In this process, called beta, errors are reported by users and fixed by developers. Apple is also running this process for iOS 14.5, and the process has reached the beta 6 stage.

The update is now by developers only can be downloaded. It will be publicly available for download in the near future.

Siri gets new tricks with iOS 14.5 beta 6

Although there is only one female voice in the Turkish version of Siri, the situation is not the same in English. Those who used Siri in English used it with a female voice by default, and they could also choose a male voice if they wanted. Of the United Nations According to the research report The fact that voice assistants use the female voice by default creates a negative effect.

ios 14.5 beta 6

Apple will have taken this report into consideration that now Siri will to make a choice will ask. With this selection feature, two new sounds have been added. These added sounds neural text reading It supports the feature, that is, it is possible to switch between accents. If you also use Siri in English, you will soon be able to benefit from these innovations.

The full version of iOS 14.5 is eagerly awaited because Apple is in the full version a new method of unlocking will bring. With the method to be added, the device can be unlocked using the Apple Watch.

iOS 14.5 beta 6 The innovations that come with it consist of new Siri features. The update is expected to open to all beta users soon.

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