28 July 2021
iOS 14.5 RC released: here are the new features

iOS 14.5 RC released: here are the new features

Apple officially iOS 14.5 Released the Release Candidate (Final) version at the event he organized. Completing the testing process with beta versions, iOS 14.5 will be available to everyone as of next week. The company provides users with version 14.5. Apple Watch It offers several innovations, including the ability to unlock the phone via.

New features coming with iOS 14.5 RC

– While users now have masks ”Unlock with Apple WatchWith the “feature, it will be possible to unlock the screen more easily.

PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers, with iOS 14.5 ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌ supported on.

– With update iPhone 12 in models Dual SIM in mode 5G brings support. So if you are using more than one line, both can now be connected at 5G speeds. Until this time Dual SIM way LTE it was limited to their networks.

– WatchOS 7.4 ile iOS ve iPadOS 14.5, Apple Fitness için AirPlay 2 support, so Apple Fitness subscribers can start a workout on an iPhone or iPad and then play it via AirPlay on a compatible smart TV or set-top box.

– with iOS 14.5 widget By making improvements to its feature, innovations were presented.

– iOS 14.5, while getting directions along a route in Maps accidents, dangers and speed checks to report Waze Includes a similar crowdsourcing feature.

– iOS ve iPadOS 14.5, Siri with music service you can choose. So if you choose Spotify over Apple Music, all Siri song requests will be opened on Spotify without the need to add them to the end of Siri requests in Spotify.

– Siri no longer has a female voice by default, two new options added. Also in iOS 14.5 beta version a few new emoji has character.

– Apple, which will force developers to ask users for permission before using them to track their personal data in apps. Application Tracking Transparency settings arrived. Users can either allow the app to watch them or ask the app not to watch them.

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