14 April 2021
IPhone 11 falling into the lake was found 6 months later: here's the result

IPhone 11 falling into the lake was found 6 months later: here’s the result

Diving enthusiast Clayton Helkenberg and his wife HeatherLocated in Canada Lake Harrisonone at the bottom of iPhone 11 found. Waiting in the depths of the water for six months smart phone it stunned everyone.

Helkenberg couple on YouTube platform Aquatic Monkey It has a small channel named. The family, who shot diving videos here, sat on the technology agenda with the latest video they shared. Its content, which has become one of the most talked about videos of social media in a short time, has been trapped in water for months. Apple iPhone 11 Includes the fate of the device. Interestingly, the Apple phone in question manages to come out of the water with almost no damage.

After 6 months in water, iPhone 11 worked almost undamaged

Living in Vancouver, Canada Fatemeh GhodsiWent to the shore of the lake to have fun in September. The young man, who took pictures of nature in a pleasant morning, wanted to sail a little on the lake. However, when he was getting on the boat, he lost his balance and iPhone 11 dropped the model phone in water.

Fatemeh Ghodsi asked for help from the staff to recover her dropped device. But people around said that it was impossible to find the phone in deep water. The man then gave up his lost phone. Then a new iPhone Alan Ghodsi’s lost device was found oddly after months!

The man who is interested in diving Clayton HelkenbergHe often stops by Harrison Lake to investigate the depths of the water. Clayton’s main purpose is to clean the garbage and debris at the bottom of the lakeā€¦ However, in the last incident, the diver came to the fore as the hero of an extraordinary rescue operation. The device of Ghodsi, who dropped his smartphone in the same lake 6 months ago, was taken ashore under the depths.

After removing the phone drying and dirt removal processes Clayton has videotaped all these moments. At the end of the video IPhone 11 waiting at the lake for 6 months opened successfully. The phone, which was never thought to be possible, only had a problem with the speaker system. Helkenberg removed the SIM card of the device and inserted it into another phone and thus found the real owner of the phone. Fatemeh Ghodsi unexpectedly got his old device months later.

iPhone 11 is water resistant IP68 certification thanks to the already known fact. But the interesting thing is that this certificate is only Guaranteed protection for 30 minutes at a depth of 2 meters giving. So it could be almost a miracle that the phone has survived this long!

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