28 July 2021
iPhone 12 series marks January phone sales

iPhone 12 series marks January phone sales

Counterpoint Research According to analysis data shared by iPhone 12Made its mark on the smartphone market in January 2021. With the main member of the series 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max models of Apple’s monthly sales 71 percentprovided.

According to the details in the report iOS at the base of 5G connectivity support There was a pent-up demand regarding iPhone 12 serisi Completed Apple’s deficiency in this regard. The smartphone family, which was released later than expected, caused sales to spread to January. Thanks to this, Apple has reached its January 2021 sales chart. 6 different models managed to enter with. US-based technology giant, In the list with 10 devices in total drew attention.

iPhone 12 series shatters the list

Ranked first in the list of best selling smartphones in January iPhone 12 takes place. While the standard member of the series significantly widened the difference with its rivals; second on the list iPhone 12 Pro Max has. Third place iPhone 12 Pro model draws attention.

iPhone 12 serisi

iPhone 12 was the best selling smartphone of January 2021.

The last member of the series iPhone 12 Mini while waiting for the fourth place; it only finds its place in eighth place. Still, number four on the list is another Apple product. iPhone 11‘belong to. At the bottom of the list as a budget-friendly Apple member iPhone SE 2020 model draws attention.

Redmi and Samsung phones are also on the list

Except for Apple, two on the list Redmi, iki tane de Samsung model catches the eye. Fifth place Redmi 9Asixth place Redmi 9 while taking place; these models Galaxy A21S is following. Ninth place Galaxy A31 exist. The full list is as follows:

Counterpoint Research Ocak 2021

The iPhone 12 series and iPhone 11 accounted for 18 percent of total sales, while its closest competitor Redmi, which had a 3 percent share, was 6.

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