23 July 2021
iPhone 13 Pro mockup leaked!  Here are the claims

iPhone 13 Pro mockup leaked! Here are the claims

iPhone X Ever since it first came out, the notch design is still highly debated and criticized. Also, nowadays people have switched to perforated cuts that make the usual notches look almost like an ancient look.

Over the years, Apple hasn’t gone far from its original design so that it looks almost outdated. But iPhone 13 Apple is said to have changed things a bit with its series, and this recent leak reveals just how small the notch will be.

iPhone 13 may have a narrower notch

Notches have become a necessary evil for iPhone users. The size of the notch beyond an old design makes all the hardware under it, especially Face ID TrueDepth Required to accommodate hardware. Because the larger the notch, the greater the area that cannot be used to view the pixels.

MacOtakara A site named is sent to accessory manufacturers. iPhone according to your specifications 3D Printed iPhone 13 Probrought to light. Note that these types of prints are usually sent to manufacturers prior to launch to allow them to make things like cases and screen protectors that need to be adjusted to new sizes.

iPhone 13 Pro 3D Printing

iPhone 13 Pro The notch part of the model alleged to be in the 12 series 5.35 mm and 34.83 ​​mm contrary to your values 5.35 mm in length and 26.8 mm It is stated to be wide.

In other words, it is stated that the notch will be slightly longer but significantly narrower than before. This change in size is attributed to Apple’s move of the headphone speaker to the upper edge of the frame rather than the notch.

It is also claimed that the camera components have been rearranged to maximize the use of a smaller area. Let us point out that all this information is only a claim at the moment and it is too early for everything.

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