30 July 2021
iPhone users want larger storage capacity

iPhone users want larger storage capacity

A new study shows that consumers have been wanting more storage capacity on their smartphones in the past few years. For example, iPhone users, It tends to purchase models with higher storage capacity than Android counterparts.

Counterpoint Research a report published by 2020for the smartphone industry’s average storage capacity in 100 GB He claims that he crossed the border. According to the report Appleaverage on iPhones 141 GB With storage space being the second company to demand higher storage options, Huawei average 150 GB is leading with.

128GB iPhones could become standard

With higher price points, iPhones are much higher than their Android counterparts in the past NAND flash (flash memory) retained its density. However, Apple’s iPhone 12 storage space 512 GB after the restriction decision with 2018-2024 Smartphone memory estimates for the period reveal that the company can quickly fill the gap with the increase in storage capacities.

Also, according to historical data, Android smartphonesDue to the rapidly rising storage capacities, the gap between the iPhone and the iPhone will quickly close. 2019 and 2020 of Apple’s 128 GB models showed an annual increase in shipments, 64 GB same period on models 1 percent a decrease was seen.

64 GB iPhone 11, XR ve 11 Pro Max‘in 2019-2020 It was thought to account for half of Apple’s shipments during the period. Apple is currently 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GBWith the sale of iPhone 12 Pro models, this year’s iPhone 13 base model 128 GBand 64 GB can remove the entry level from the version.

Counterpoint, 128 GBIt is rapidly becoming the minimum standard for storage capacities at the middle and upper end of the market. For now, WedbushThe iPhone 13, which was released later this year, was reported by analysts in 1 TBIt claims that it is likely to come with a new high-end storage option.

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