30 July 2021
Is Intel i9 11900K a beast?  We tested!

Is Intel i9 11900K a beast? We tested!

Debuted in January Intel i9 11900K technical features was ambitious with. Especially the device 5.3 GHzreaching frequency speed was drawing attention. We also tested Intel’s powerful processor.

The 7th generation i7 processor computer we use in our office for editing, 11th generation i9 we updated with. We also focused on the performance increase of the device, whose processor we have upgraded for four generations.

Intel i9 11900K specifications

On the computer we upgraded to the 11th generation i9 processor, render We focused on its performance. How much plus is Intel’s up-to-date and powerful processor with our experience him the with synthetic tests we measured.

As a result of our comparisons, we found that the Intel i9 11900K outperformed the 7th Gen i7 by 11 percent.

Intel i9 11900K technical features If we look to the side, the processor 14 mn leaving the production process. 8 cores / 16 izlek Coming with its structure, the i9 stands out with its single core performance. In a single core 5.3 GHzAll cores of the processor that can reach 4.8 GHzcan reach.

Increased deep learning and VNNI The processor, which has the support, also shows a significant improvement in artificial intelligence calculations. New IGPU car The processor that comes with it is also very ambitious on the internal graphics unit side. This internal graphics unit offers support for high-end video decoders such as 4: 4: 4 HEVC and VP9, ​​while up to 3 4K 60 FPS monitor can be allowed. On the memory side, without overclocking 3200 MHz frequency is supported.

Number of cores: 8

Thread count: 16

Transistor distance: 14 nm

Processor base frequency: 3.5 GHz

Turbo frekans: 5.3 GHz

Cache: 16 MB Intel Smart Cache

Bus speed: 8 GT/s

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