1 August 2021
Is there a tax on cryptocurrencies?  Statement from the Ministry

Is there a tax on cryptocurrencies? Statement from the Ministry

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance made a statement about the news that a document was requested about those who made transactions on the crypto money exchange. Ministry, request COOKemphasized that it is routine transactions under the authority of cryptocurrencies. tax regulation claims regarding did not confirm.

In a statement shared on the Ministry’s Twitter account “Within the framework of MASAK’s duties and powers and within the scope of combating such crimes, information can be requested from market actors operating in this field such as crypto asset trading platforms” It was said.

The statement made by the Ministry regarding the news released today is as follows:

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance is following the issue closely

The news in the press today about the future tax on cryptocurrencies kept the agenda busy all day long. Following the news from many different sources, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, on the Twitter account of the official statement He clarified the matter with.

Ministry, ‚ÄúToday, there have been some news and comments about crypto assets on some websites and social media channels regarding our Ministry. It was deemed necessary to make an explanation on the news in question “ He shared the correct information on the subject with the public.

Crypto money, which is on the agenda of the whole world, continues to increase its awareness and spread to a wider audience day by day. For this reason, states follow the issue closely in order to keep the situation under control and to create a safe environment.

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