28 July 2021
Is this the king of the drone?  DJI FPV review!

Is this the king of the drone? DJI FPV review!

The first brand that comes to mind when drone is mentioned DJI FPV brought the bar to the next level with its model. Unlike any of the end-user products such as the Phantom and Mavic in terms of design, the device is the first FPV to be launched for the end user or the first in the industry. racing drone model has the feature of being.


Racing drone DJI FPV review!

Let’s leave you alone with DJI’s and the industry’s first racing drone DJI FPV review. Have a good time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORy_vO7Z-g0

To purchase DJI FPV: https://bit.ly/3eleB5b

DJI FPV features

Specially prepared for hobbyists and professional pilots, the DJI FPV offers low-latency HD images with powerful features with its air unit module, camera, goggles and remote control components.

With the DJI HDL FPV used in the DJI FPV system, pilots can race more smoothly with a delay of 28 ms, while at the same time transmitting images very clearly. With this technology 720p with resolution 120 FPS HD live view Up to 4 km a transmission range can be accessed. Offering durable battery life and wind resistance besides its high power, the DJI FPV looks very stylish on the exterior design with its sporty front LEDs and customizable color propeller arm.

In addition to the classic controller we have seen in other DJI drones, it is a very simple joystick style DJI Motion Controller With this, a different and more comfortable flight experience is provided in the flight experience. Combined with 150 degree super wide FOV 4K’da 60 FPS image, 4x slow motion, RockSteady stabilization and distortion correction provide a smoother image for pilots. You can see the live view during the flight DJI O3 (OcuSync 3.0) Transmission System With HD quality real-time video transmission up to 10 km away.

The gimbal camera, landing gear and upper shell can be changed in the drone, which has a modular structure as replaceable parts. Thanks to this, repair becomes easier, too.

DJI FPV specifications


Sensor: 1 / 2.3 inch CMOS, 12 million pixels Lens: 150 degree FOV, f / 2.8 aperture, ISO 100-12800 Photo Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels Video Resolution: 50/60 FPS at 4K, 50/60 at 1080p / 100/120 FPS Video Bitrate: 120 Mbps Other Features: RockSteady EIS, Distortion correction


Weight: Approx. 795 g Dimensions: 255 × 312 × 127 mm (with propeller), 178 × 232 × 127 mm (without propeller) Maximum Ascent Speed: M-mode unlimited, S-mode 15 m / s, N-mode 8 m / s Maximum Ascent Speed : M mode unlimited, S mode 10 m / s, N mode 5 m / s Maximum Speed: 140 kph GNSS: GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO Memory Support: microSD up to 256 GB, no internal memory


Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh Battery Weight: 295 gr

DJI FPV Googles V2 features

Screen Size: 2 inch Screen Refresh Rate: 144 Hz Connection Frequency: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Connection Range: Maximum 40 MHz Connection Distance: 10 km Memory Support: microSD up to 256 GB, no internal memory Battery: 1800 mAh, LiPo 2S

DJI FPV box content

– DJI FPV drone – DJI FPV battery – DJI Motion Controller – Drone propellers – Gimbal saver – DJI remote controller – DJI FPV Googles v2, antenna and battery – Power cables for Drone and Googles – DJI FPV power adapter

Turkey FPV DJI price

DJI FPV, the first racing drone of the industry, 13.299 TL has the price.

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