19 April 2021
It doesn't say I'm coming in an accident at Zoom!  So what to do?

It doesn’t say I’m coming in an accident at Zoom! So what to do?

Zoom, which has become a part of the new normal, is now an integral part of both business and education life. As such, some problems and accidents are inevitable in Zoom searches that we use almost every day. Especially the biggest accidents are usually caused by leaving the microphone or camera on. In order to prevent these accidents, we have explained for you how to set up a meeting that is always muted.

Make zoom captioning feature available to everyone

You can avoid zoom accidents in two steps

To join the Zoom call, always with your microphone turned off, open the app on your desktop. Preferences > HisGo to. “Mute microphone while joining a meetingCheck the “box.

Now, when you join a meeting, you will be automatically muted until you manually unmute it. In this way, you will be able to prevent possible unwanted accidents. Likewise, to turn off your camera by default, Preferences > VideoGo to. “Turn off the camera when joining a meetingCheck the “box. This way, you can have a conversation without fear of being caught unintentionally while participating in a conversation.

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