30 July 2021
It Takes Two put a smile on the producer's face

It Takes Two put a smile on the producer’s face

Hazelight Studios developed by and Electronic Artspublished by It Takes Twocontinues to take storms. Shortly before his release co-op The game, which was criticized for its (cooperative gameplay) obligation and its unique graphic style, managed to receive positive reviews despite all these obstacles.

Finally a few days ago SteamAnother good news came from the game, which was sitting on the bestseller list. Popular production according to the statement made, Hazelight became the fastest selling game.

It Takes Two sold 1 million copies in 1 month

Allows players to play with more than one person by making only one copy It Takes TwoDespite all these difficulties, it managed to achieve commercial success. Popular production of the last period, 1 million copies sold in 1 month, developer Hazelight Studiosis the fastest selling game ever.

Good news, Hazelight Studiospicture of Twitter It came from the account. Thanking the players, the studio said, “We’ve just learned that our game has sold over a million copies. Thank you very much for all the love and attention you have shown, it was very valuable to us ”.

In a statement on the subject, the director of the play and the head of the studio Josef Forelcame from. Trout “This shows that the players also want productions that feature cooperative gameplay. Thank you to everyone. I hope soon It Takes Two we see more games like that. ” said.

Before A Way Out Offering a similar experience with the company, it seems that it will continue to try new and different things thanks to its sales success.

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