28 July 2021
It Takes Two to hit the top on Steam

It Takes Two to hit the top on Steam

Popular game platform SteamUpdated the list of best selling games. Adventure-puzzle game according to the data of the last two weeks It Takes Two It positioned itself at the top of the bestseller list. The game, which was in the second place in the past weeks, is now at the top and continues to increase its sales.

It Takes Two makes a difference with style of play

Publishing Electronic Arts It Takes Two, undertaken by the company, continues to be spoken since the first day it came out with its unique style. Behind this success lies the style of the game and the features it promises. The game, which does not offer the option to play single player, only allows playing in pairs. That’s why you need to find another player with you.

It Takes Two

Steam bi-weekly bestseller list

Game review site Metacritic The highly rated adventure game maintains its sales consistently. We see that the high scores it obtained are reflected in the sales figures. However, the sales figures have not been officially announced yet.

Steam bestseller list

If we look at the other games in the ranking; Second Paradox Studiodeveloped by Stellaris Nemesis include game. Stellaris, which has maintained its place in the past weeks, does not seem to be able to lose the second place for a while. Third place owner of the Steam platform Valve company has put on the market VR Kit takes place. This kit they have developed Half Life Alyx ensures you get the best experience on the game.

Fourth place Rare developed by the company Sea of Thieves include game. The game, which attracts attention with its pirate theme, maintains its position this week. Fifth place is the role-playing game that has been talked about since its first day. Outriders takes place. Since its introduction, it has been mentioned most of the mistakes it has included in it. This situation should have been reflected in the sales figures, as we can see in the table, there is a decline towards the fifth rank.

Steam The bestseller list ends here. Do you think It Takes Two, which is at the top of the list, could be the game of the year? You can express your thoughts in the comments section.

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