23 July 2021
It was a movie that came true!  Boston Dynamics robot in battle

It was a movie that came true! Boston Dynamics robot in battle

Sci-fi movies have become reality. French army, Boston Dynamics He used the robots developed by him during his war training. One of the robots Spot, For two days, he supported operations in reconnaissance mode.

The training aimed to measure the value of robots on the battlefield and to prepare soldiers for the next generation of war technologies. Spot, Although it slowed down the soldiers, it managed to make the battlefield safer.

Boston Dynamics slowed the military but cut losses

Robot war training, recently FranceIt took place at a military school in the northwest of the United States. The soldiers, who specially prepared three attack and three defense missions, first performed these missions alone and then using robots. Soldiers move faster in a mission where robots are not used, SpotIn the scenario in which ‘was used, it lost less.

War School stated that the mission was quite successful, but the biggest problem was the battery. Soldiers in the middle of the exercise had to change the robot’s battery. French his army is also about education Twitter from account “We prepare our soldiers for the challenges of the future”Shared in the form.

Making a statement on the subject Boston Dynamics officials announced that the robots are not provided by them. ABDThe company stated that they do not want their products to be used to harm any person or animal. Still, the authorities said he was not against using robots to take soldiers out of danger, adding that they are still considering the idea of ​​using robots for reconnaissance and other more passive missions.

French the company’s European distributor for the army’s warrior robot trial Shark Robotics agreed with.

USA wants to use robots

Boston Dynamics While still in its infancy ABD of the army DARPA Unit (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). However, the company slowly severed its military ties. Another manufacturer came to the rescue of the army that wanted to use robots in especially dangerous missions. Ghost Robotics developed by Spot similar robot, recently entered the radar of the air force. The robot, which is currently used only for security purposes in military bases, is expected to take part in various missions in a short time.


Ghost Robotics robot used by the air force.

Boston DynamicsWhat do you think about the use of robots in the military field? You can write your opinion in the comments.

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