19 June 2021
It was very expensive, we made our own phone!

It was very expensive, we made our own phone!

The capabilities of the phones continue to improve and their prices continue to increase day by day. We have the basic functions FonTele We made a mobile phone named. Also in the video we prepared, phone making We also talked about the process.

Homemade phone: FonTele

Search you can do, message you can throw and 2G connectivity For FonTele review you can use internet with Emre Konca with Ayhan Emre Ranger in front of you. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado.

To make a phone: https://bit.ly/2QoeHBo

Emre Konca, first of all, for making a phone GSM card produced. To the card he made Kapadokya GSM Shield Koncar, who gave its name, also shared its source codes. You can access the necessary information for construction from the link above.

On the other hand, FonTele has remarkable capabilities besides its basic features. Nano SIM compatible device, USB Type-C charging with. Also popular game of the 2000s on the phone SnakeYou can also play.

FonTele’s construction purpose is not to compete with today’s smartphones. This device demonstrates that building telephones at home is possible.

In the future, we can add new features to the phone. Therefore, if you have different capabilities you want to see on the device, you can share them with us by commenting below.

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