1 August 2021
It won't call the MacBook Air: the iPadOS 15 concept

It won’t call the MacBook Air: the iPadOS 15 concept

Apple, iPad Pro With the model, it has met the flagship tablet needs of the users. 9to5Mac team developed for the iPad family iPadOS 15 concept published some tips about.

User experience oriented iPadOS 15 concept

Apple has managed to take the tablet concept to the next level with iPadOS 14. From the 9to5Mac team for iPad, which exceeded expectations in user experience and performance. Parker Ortolani, created concept design.

iPadOS 15 concept released

Widgets feature in iPadOS 15 concept

Many users, on iPadOS 14 Tools (Widgets) feature criticizes. Stating that he has made different experiments for the iPadOS 15 concept, Parker Ortolani said, ” iPadOS 14 with iOS 14 There is a huge difference between the vehicle features. While iPhone users can use the Vehicle feature on the whole screen, iPad users are stuck in a certain area. After my experiments, I understood better why Apple came up with such a design. When I wanted to make the Tools feature full screen for iPad, I had design problems due to the screen size of the device. “He used expressions.

Stating that the vehicle feature has both vertical and horizontal use, Ortolani said that the problem 3 new Vehicle sizes He said it could be partially resolved with.

For sidebar Panosu Pin Ortolani, who coined the term, the new feature control center transitions, shortcuts, folders and fixing files describes it as a place for. Stating that Magic Keyboard users use the iPad horizontally, Ortolani said that the Pin Board feature usage experience He states that he will improve.

Ortolani, Application Library He underlined that the feature is a deficiency for iPadOS 14. Thanks to the Application Library, you will be able to access other applications quickly while performing any operation.

for iPadOS 15 of screen design Stating that they should change, Ortolani stated that they are working on this subject and that they will share it soon.

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